No more apathy.  No more prejudice.  No more bullying.  No more hate crimes.

We envision a world in which diverse peoples live together in peace.  We believe that effectively teaching children about tolerance and human rights, the Holocaust and other genocides will help them recognize the conditions under which genocides arise and how to make wise moral choices when they grow up.  We work with teachers of elementary through high school grades throughout the Central Valley.

Our Mission

The Central Valley Holocaust Educators’ Network is dedicated to supporting teachers in effectively implementing a Holocaust curriculum that meets California Social Studies and Language Arts Standards.  With an understanding of the constraints that teachers face, we help them respond to a variety of challenges that this complex curriculum presents.  We offer ongoing follow-up training and resources that build upon the foundation laid by acclaimed programs that offer Holocaust education seminars.

Our Philosophy

We believe that teaching about the Holocaust can help students understand the roots and ramifications of prejudice, the dangers of apathy and the fragility of democracy, and can instill a sense of personal responsibility for promoting and preserving pluralism.

We recognize that teaching the full content and broad implications of a Holocaust curriculum requires teachers to adjust their pedagogy to the needs of their students and the realities of their classrooms.

We foster a collaborative culture among educators because we believe that by sharing their experiences, teachers can help each other achieve their objectives and effectively implement Holocaust curriculum in a wide variety of settings.